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old navy's boy-cut jeans
we're almost there! i have a really weirdly shaped body. however, i'll bet that 94% of women polled say the same thing about their own body. i have wide, child-birthin' ready hips, that very very gradually go in to a really high waist, that is about 4 inches above my navel, 2 inches below my bustline. so i can't wear pants with high waists, because the waists nip in a good 3" before my own waist nips in, forcing me to wear pants that are otherwise too big. so i usually wear the ultra-low rise jeans (which make me look truly klassy by showing my underwear) or the low-rise jeans (which are better, but still show some skivvies). but these jeans, since they are boy cut, have a mercifully straight cut through the waist band, so i can actually wear them in my size, and they don't squeeze unbecomingly or try to make me into a shape that i'm just not.

the downside? well, they make me look, unsurprisingly, really rectangular. however, i also tried on the cuffed leg model, which never looks good on me so i'll go back and try them on in the non-cuffed model. also on my list of things to try are:
ow, ow, ow. i've been working my way through a pack of these for months and months. if your goal is to find a way to attract sharks in the ocean, please shave with these and jump into the sea. don't worry about the stinging in the millions of infinite and infinitessimal cuts, as the scent of your blood will bring sharks in even the non-sharkiest area to put you out of your misery in seconds flat.


jay are Sunday, November 06, 2005 9:09:00 pm  

I cracked right up about those razors....yikes. I believe I'll pass; thanks anyway.
And I'd just like to know why no one can make a pair of jeans for someone with a waist? Why is that so hard? And the low-rise are okay, but then you've got the rectangle-thing going on, like you mentioned. sigh.

Chris Cope Monday, November 07, 2005 2:31:00 pm  

I have never met a woman who felt that she fit into jeans for women. There is a clear failure in the seller-buyer relationship here that so many women are left purchasing things they don't even want.

heatherfeather Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:09:00 pm  

i wish there were someone with a nationally syndicated column that could do something about bringing to light the failures in the seller-buyer relationship...

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