um, i'm silly

because i read jay are's post captioned three posts below this one at like 4 am, i didn't even notice the sentence that leonard cohen's last album was called dear heather which makes me feel happy...

"dear heather
please walk by me again
with a drink in your hand
and your legs all white
from the winter"

because until this point the only 2 songs i knew with 'heather' in the title were "heather on the hill" from brigadoon and "bull in the heather" by sonic youth.

however, the sound clip of that song on the leonard cohen site reminds me of creepiness... but i like the line quoted above out of context like that. my legs don't ever get WHITE, but they get light brown. don't hate me because i have good melanin.


jay are Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:24:00 pm  

it's a perfectly good reason to hate someone because my legs hardly ever don't be white. My melanin seems to have gone the way of the ogyyt. Figures.

and I have to say that the few songs I listened to from Dear Heather are a little on the odd side. Perhaps they'll grow on me if I buy it. But at least it has its title going for it.

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