save my pleasure, i'm much better, but i won't regret it. never.

started cleaning the house for the decorating with the christmas stuff last night.

still have quite a way to go, but i'm totally excited. which is quite a feat because it doesn't feel at all like thanksgiving, much less that it's already passed. today, whilst babysitting, i hope to finish the second bella sleeve and at least start the lace. (i've finished, blocked, and attached the first sleeve to the completed top)

i have to weave in ends as i go along, and i have to attach pieces, especially those in pairs (like sleeves) as i go along because i hate seaming and weaving in ends.

it's my first time doing a saddle sleeve, but it came out okay - i am not crazy about my seaming job on the first sleeve but i'll do better next time.

bella WIP sleeve
happy monday, kids.


Chris Cope Monday, November 28, 2005 5:21:00 pm  

Since you live in Tiny House, it probably shouldn't be too hard to decorate.

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