knock it off, gnomes!

i'm thinking that there are gnomes who live in my tiny house with me who like to mess with my head.

for instance, tonight i took my contacts out to wear glasses for writing my paper (i'm liable to be up really late and glasses are easier on my eyes for extensive computering). not only did i repeat to myself what i repeat every night when i take out my contacts ("find glasses BEFORE taking out contacts tomorrow"), having forgotten to do just that, but i can't find my fun, red glasses with the closest-to-current prescription (all of my glasses are out of date). i think the gnomes hid them.

nor can i find my cute, brown cats-eye glasses with the second most current prescription. i think the gnomes hid them, too.

"why would the gnomes do this?" i hear you querying.

because all i can find are my birth control glasses with the really strong astigmatism prescription (i don't know how my astigmatism got better and went away, but i'm just glad it did). so i'm ugly and have a headache.

i'd better get back offline before anyone notices that i'm online when i'm not supposed to be.


particleman Thursday, November 17, 2005 9:51:00 pm  

i think those are the same gnomes who ate all my cereal, drank my beers, and forgot to do my laundry. what kind of racket are these guys running anway.

The Grunt Thursday, November 17, 2005 11:04:00 pm  

C'mon! They're called "little people" and not all of them are bad.

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