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school: [weeps softly and rocks back and forth] after the 20th of november i will be very drunk indeed.

dog: spaz who woke me up at 3:45 this morning. then i fell asleep again at 5:20. 16 minutes before my alarm went off.

sleep: clearly, not going so well.

knitting: plugging away on pinwheel blankie. have had a request for a snowboarding beanie... that may have to wait until i've sobered up after the 20th, and will be granted in exchange for said wearer coming do colorado to snowboard at copper or a-basin in december sometime. had half-hearted request for baby hat for someone else's neice but will need to discuss with neice's uncle more specifics. have 3 shawl patterns to make for gifts and no yarn with which to make them. two of them i want to make of kidsilk haze, 1 i want to make with knitpicks merino lace yarn. really want to frog and re-knit mariah smaller, with some slight mods to the sleeves and an extra decrease in the hood. also want to knit something for A, the baby upon whom i sit.

A: totally cute, still sick, sleeping now.

me: totally cute, still sick, sleeping in like 3 minutes.


jay are Wednesday, November 09, 2005 11:46:00 am  

I really can't figure out when you have time to knit. I think I'm just jealous because I used to know how but I can't remember anymore. Maybe it's like riding a bike.
Also....good luck with that killer 9-hour final. That's just a gross thought. Maybe if you bring a beanie to the instructor you can shave off some time or something.

heatherfeather Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:00:00 pm  

in heatherspeak,

knitting = procrastinating

hence i could conceiveably knit from the second i open my eyes until i drop into unconsciousness.

i'm still really scared of the 15-20 page paper on political theory that is due the day before tne 9 hour political theory final.

excuse me, i feel nauseous. i'm having a hard time trying to fcouz just thinking about this again...

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