songs i can't stop listening to...

...or, i woke up in a fabulous mood today which is surprising because i couldn't sleep last night for all the coughing, but i'm not going to ask questions, i'm just going to be a happy kid.

  • "i saw a bird fly away" by dar williams
  • "on love, in sadness" by jason mraz
  • "the boy with the arab strap" by belle and sebastian
  • "underdog (save me)" by turin brakes
  • "don't let's start" by they might be giants
  • "sexual healing" by ben harper and the innocent criminals
  • "steal my kisses" by ben harper and the innocent criminals
  • "dirty dream #2" by belle and sebastian
  • "breaking the girl" by red hot chili peppers
  • "action/adventure" by andrew bird
  • "song against sex" by neutral milk hotel
  • "i won't dance" by ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong
  • "doves cry" by prince
  • "southern girl" by christine kane

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