don't be too noisy, because you might wake me up and i may actually post something...

although i have a few things to blog about, including directions for playing War and Whist, the great Yaymee reunification project of 2007, two FOs (!!), and upcoming autumn shenanigans including a pirate ship and a corn maze.

also, this is just for my reference: when making a single batch of Nestle's toll house cookies with gluten free flour, 3/4 tsp of xanthan gum is just about perfect.

i love my life

Single side of an actual conversation


If humans were to become extinct and meerkats were to rise and evolve and take the place of humans as the dominant life form on Earth, they’d have a really hard time creating space shuttles because everything they’d make would be SO TINY. I mean if dinosaurs weren’t extinct and had created space shuttles, they’d be heavy, but huge and have tons of thrust, but meerkat shuttles would be little and so easily blown off course.

Why are you laughing at me?

my mom is funny

from a recent email:

We had lightning a couple of nights ago, then a few good crashes of thunder (I do believe that a bunch of Rhinos is also known as a crash).

that panda...

pei lo mein's so vain, she probably thinks this song is about her.

ETA: she has confirmed that in fact, she KNOWS this song is about her.

falling, falling

it's september in the lovely capital, and it's still in the mid-90s. i'm ready for fall, people! so to hasten it, i'm still chugging forth on my back-to-school u-neck vest (wow! hyphens!) and am about 2/3 of the way through the body. pictures would be dull, so there are none.

the pei lo mein is getting settled, and when we were leaving a grocery store today i had a completely great one-liner blog post to put up, but have completely forgotten it. panda, do you remember what it was?

in helping her procure a mattress upon which to sleep, i rolled in beds where many have rolled before. that's actually pretty gross and i feel more than a little skeeved out about that, having just typed that. and one mattress store went so far as to advertise that you will be sleep-free until 2010 (or that 2010 will be sleep-free year). either way, the sign made me giggle at first glance. she did not purchase this store's mattresses. partially because that's a less than ringing endorsement and mostly because it was pricey.

the pants is a funny pants who utters sentences like "YOU ARE A RABBIT" not hoping for a response, or even acknowledgement which makes me happy. therefore i bought a pizza pan in which to bake him homemade pizza... mmm... pizza.

for the past year, the bloggobug has been limited and it continues - so my posts are going to be knitting related, sarcastic, cop-out, or just plain boring like this one.

p.s. i sort of wish i lived in boston. for many reasons, but right now i refer to this place.

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it's early. or late.

either way, i can't tell because i wish i were still asleep. but i digress, because look! knitting!

here's some stuff i made:
everlasting bagstopper
Everlasting Bagstopper
Everlasting Bagstopper condensed

pomatomus socks

(as well as how they dyed my needles blue)

back-to-school u-neck vest
Back-to-School U-neck vest

i finished the knitting on the UO circular shrug too, but it's not quite big enough so i'm deciding what to do about that.

i'm dull, i'm sorry.

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