gather 'round children

actually, don't gather 'round... there's not going to be much in the way of storytime.

i finished isabella, i don't love her - too short in the body AGAIN. stupid chestiness, making shirts that are long enough for normal humans WAY TOO SHORT on me... not many pictures.

i'm knitting and knitting, going to and from work, and basking in the glory that is 94 degree weather with 71% humidity.

at least i have straight hair.

a tale of laughter, a tale of swearing

isabella is almost completely seamed. i took such care with finishing her... in fact, i've never been so careful in finishing a handknit before.

i beautifully matress stitched the left side seam.

i tried 6 different ways of finishing the shoulder seam, to finally settle on grafting them, even though the stitches are bound off, seaming the right side and the left side.

i mattress stitched the right seam to see, that oh crap. i have NO idea how but the right front side up to the arm hole is about 1" longer than the right back side up to the armhole. it's also 1" longer than the left front and the left back. WTF? seriously?

it's been put aside for now until i can figure out if i'm going to ungraft the shoulder seam and reknit the entire right front or if i'm over it and will just mattress stitch somewhat lumpily and get them to be the same length come hell or high water.

it might be the latter.

this one is gonna be a letdown

i'm finished knitting isabella! woot!

well, that's not quite true, because i have to seam the sides and shoulders, then do the picot armhole trim. and i have to wait for the top to finish drying (it's in the room with the ceiling fan and the dehumidifier because, um, hello, this is DC and it's not the mojave desert or denver where there's usually single digit humidity and the majority of my knits have air-dried in about 4 minutes) to do that. but!

i got a final skein of DB cathay from knit happens (thanks holly!) this weekend and you can't even really see where i changed yarn. you want pictures? well, okay, but this was before i got the final skein, so it'll probably be an FO post in the next few days anyway...

isabella WIP
and just because? here's mckenzie the jersey calf that pants and i met at kiparoo farm studio
mackenzie the jersey calf

the entire text of an email i sent yesterday

"i learned that sheep can see colors but will react in fear the first time they see a new color.

i'd name my donkey rufus. actually, it'd be duke rufus crunchable mcwiggins, but rufus for short."

whatever else happens

do not ever click on this link.

an open letter

dear woman wearing a white linen miniskirt with the waistband rolled down so it sat really low around your hips barely covering your crack as well as navy blue panties with red polka dots under your sheer, aforementioned white linen skirt,

do i really have to say anything else?


the mystery unraveled

even though they are massively overwhelmed by the response, casey and jess have posted a sneak peek at ravelry. it appears that many (including myself) have both underexplained ravelry, and gushed so much love for it that their 1000 beta testers have turned into a queue of 6000 people waiting and waiting and waiting for their invites (some with pitchforks and torches).

this is a baby belonging to casey and jess - it's free, but things like this cost a lot of money. servers, bandwidth, domain... and it's a huge, complex, beautiful site that would have taken a team of developers charging thousands and thousands of dollars to put out on the webbernets. take a look around, sign up for the queue if you have it within you to wait patiently! a common misconception is that you may need to have a blog to use it well, but that's not true! you can integrate your blog if you want, but if you don't have one (coughalpineflowercough) and want a way to keep track of your stash, your projects, your FO stats it's great for you too!

but be nice - this is such a project of love built by people who have full-time jobs who are dealing with real life, including a recent death of a family member. they can't confirm that you're on the queue, they don't pick people they like better to sign up. it's an amazing site and brilliant in design. it will really add to the world of the knitting webbernets.

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