why post quality when quantity is so much easier?

here's the meme i stole from monstee. he's already been blamed by forkbeard and cherz for this meme, so i'm throwing my hat into the ring.

the iTunes magic 8 ball

What do you think of me, itunes?
judas - antje duvekot (what did i ever do to you?)

Will I have a happy life?
educated guess - ani difranco (fair enough)

What do my friends really think of me?
desperate but not serious - adam ant (who said this? that's it, we're breaking up as friends)

Do people secretly lust after me?
melissa - allman brothers (um, littlegoat, do we need to chat?)

How can I make myself happy?
let it seep in slowly - mark ashworth (i can do that)

What should I do with my life?
bottle up and explode! - elliott smith (whoa - not the road i had planned... i was thinking good job, maybe get married and have kids, but it wasn't really anything along these lines)

Why must life be so full of pain?
low red moon - belly (either that's commentary on my ass, or it's some sort of astrological phenomenon)

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
the dance of the cucumber - veggie tales (no comment)

Will I ever have children?
how soon is now? - the smiths (hold up there, cowboy, i don't even have a job. and you're a computer program)

Will I die happy?
from black to blue - yo la tengo (doesn't bode well)

Can you give me some advice?
feel to believe - beth orton (thanks, hallmark)

What do you think happiness is?
traveling again - dar williams (i can agree with that)

What's my favorite fetish?
you can call me al - paul simon (um, i've never tried that, but if you say so...)

somewhat cowl

well, this was my somewhat cowl as of last night. i've been knitting away on it, and learned that i don't love making sweaters on #3 needles. in fact, you can see the point where it gets all lumpy and irregular because i intentionally loosened my gauge so i wouldn't have to knit as much.

and i tried it on last night, and it was fully 10 inches too big. because i wasn't getting gauge anymore. it all makes sense, really. so i frogged it up to the point where it goes from lovely knitting to crappy, lumpy knitting. and then i spent 3 hours unknotting the green alpaca which had been frogged.

i love unknotting yarn - it is a very zen-like thing for me. but with the frog tree? (which seems an inauspicious name for yarn, by the way) i kept pulling fuzzy bits of alpaca out of my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. anyhow, it's unknotted, wound into a center pull cake, and now sitting until i have time to knit a sweater on #3 needles.

i can't take it anymore

this commercial (video link) has been freaking me out for weeks now.

it creeps me out to the point where i get ill thinking about skittles.

someone, please, make it stop.

filed under "good to know"

if you're ever in antarctica and neal suddenly kills you, you should know that you were probably doing something in this article and that murder is not illegal in antarctica.

(migraine much better today, thanks - last night was AWFUL)

migraine day



as well we know, and much we love, this is ernie.

No concept of ergonomics
he's laying in what appears to be an uncomfortable position (poor spinal alignment, jinked up paw under his face, etc.) after he very thoughtfully performed his legendary turn-down service for me.

he's a medium/large doggers, and he would love nothing more than to eat kids, cats, squirrels, and other dogs. in fact, all the neighborhood kids have stopped cutting through my yard because they're a-scared of him. he has actually a rather nasty side where these sorts of creatures are concerned.

but he's an enormous sissyhead. he's afraid of paper (if a sheet falls, say, off of a coffee table), cardboard boxes, and just fallingness in general. i've got quite a history of falling down stairs. if i am ever navigating stairs with ernie and i fall, he winds up afraid of both me (the faller) and the stairs (the things that instigated the falling). sucks, because almost everywhere we've lived has had stairs outside the door.

sissyboypet is also afraid of the dark. yes, you read that right. part of it might be situational - he had a horrrrrrrible kennel experience in florida when he was really young (among other things, they were turning the hose on him in his kennel - rendering him a sissyboy, afraid of water, fences, hoses, and strangers) which was followed by a long car trip and a resulting move into a new house (altogether too many changes at once). the other part of it is because he's a freak. sad to say, but true.

things he has destroyed because i have neglected to leave a light on: a pillow, his bed, even cowgirls get the blues (luckily, i hated that book, so no big loss), and $6 in singles.

today, i had to work from 7:30 - 5:30 and go to class from 6 - 9. knowing i'd likely be out of the house from 6:45 am - 9:30 pm, i had my dog walker come by in the afternoon, take him for a walk, give him a potty break, and feed him dinner. i forgot to tell her to leave the light on when she left.

and he tried to destroy his all-time favorite toy after the sun went down.
kong destruction 002kong destruction 001
(he didn't succeed completely because it's a kong which is the best dog toy ever)

jack bauer and the magic hoodie

this post isn't quite timely. it's based in an episode of 24 from 2 weeks ago. if you haven't seen that episode and you don't want to know what happens in this episode, yet continue to read this post anyway, suck it because this is your spoiler alert.

actually i don't even know if i'll talk about anything that's spoilerish in nature, but just in case.

once upon a time a counterterrorist specialist named jack decided to save the world, one grueling twenty-four hour period at a time. in this, the fifth time he's trying to save the world, he's battling terrorists who have acquired a nerve agent called CentoxTM*, which appears to be a brand name for VX nerve gas which was also mixed with a corrosive element. (because we evidently need to trademark our chemical weapons since we're a capitalist country? when you want death to be certain, be certain it's CentoxTM!)

in the episode a 2 weeks ago, it had been released into CTU, and, of course the corrosive element was eating away at the seals of the rooms that had not been exposed to the CentoxTM. he decided he'd run out of the safe room, create an airlock, then go into the contaminated areas in order to save the world that hour. with only a plan to hold his breath for a really long time, he put his hoodie over his head, took a deep breath, and ran into the nerve gas.

his hoodie was so amazing and magical that it kept the CentoxTM from getting in his eyes, corroding his skin, or finding any abrasions, entering his system that way.

in addition, although jack was not able to save the day (due to a security grate preventing his access to the A/C unit), with the help of his magic hoodie, jack was able to go back to the antechamber to his airlock, re-enter his airlock that didn't have any sort of negative pressure unit attached, decontaminate, and breathe freely again! all without letting any CentoxTM into the airlock. his magic hoodie also repelled CentoxTM from all his clothes and skin and he was able to enter the safe room contaminant-free once more.

the moral of our story is: when you're navigating an aerosolized nerve agent, be sure to bring your magic hoodie.

oh, and when you want death to be certain, be certain it's CentoxTM!

*thanks moocow for the html tutorial for superscripting

knitting and bang!

yesterday was a busy day.

i attended a birthday party. i took pictures, i held the birthday girl, i got her to smile at the camera for every picture but the one of her and i because i'm the one who makes the funny noises that she likes to look for.

then i went to highland's square and met up with (blogless) alpineflower and we knit outside of common grounds coffee for 2 hours. we laughed and knitted and watched the people watch us, sipped our cool beverages, and got hungry.

so we went next door to bang!. (if the exclamation point is in the name, do i still need the period to signify the end of the sentence? even though i suspect i don't need it i still put it in because it's funner. also cuz i wouldn't capitalize the next word if the sentence continued. if i capitalized.) i'd wanted to go to bang! for quite some time but felt frightened by the fact that you have to walk down a teeeeeeny alley to get to the entrance. but it was nice (there was even a tub in the bathroom for those messy meals), and although i wanted to get the meatloaf, i wound up getting the spinach ravioli topped with fried spinach. i wish i had gotten the meatloaf. not that the ravioli were terrible (although they were a touch undercooked, or extra al dente), it just turns out i was quite in the mood for meatloaf. alpineflower got the pork loin and mashed potatoes.

then we got the check and they gave us teeny tiny mints wrapped in silver. i queried aloud something to the effect of "who would go to the trouble of wrapping a tic tac?"

and upon closer inspection, they were indeed tic tacs.

tic tac
(you probably can't read it at that size, but if you click through, click on "all sizes" and look at the original you can read at least the "tic").

we opened them up and they looked like mini mentos, or white m&ms.

in the mouth, shape notwithstanding, they tasted like white tic tacs.

5 albums that changed your life

okay, it's a meme. get over it. and i dunno about "changing my life" but whatever. they were certainly seminal moments in my musical formation. and there are nine, but i'm not good at choosing. get over it.

(in no particular order)
1. pony express record - shudder to think
2. grace - jeff buckley
3. the green world - dar williams
4. in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
5. boys for pele - tori amos
6. not a pretty girl - ani difranco
7. bona drag - morrissey
8. solitude standing - suzanne vega
9. live - christine kane

will you help?

yesterday was the first birthday of the baby i've been sitting on this school year. she is a miracle baby. born 13 weeks early weighing 2 lbs 10 oz, today she is a healthy little girl weighing 22 lbs.

i have found so much joy in caring for her - she's a funny little monkey who wears glasses, has a single deep dimple, and the belly laugh of an old man. this coming friday is the last day i'm sitting for her, as her parents planned to put her in day care when she turned one. while i'm sad for my own loss, i'm so grateful that she's healthy and well enough to go to day care now.

for her birthday, her mother is asking for donations for the march of dimes' walk america. if this is something you'd like to contribute to on her behalf, email me at swandive00@comcast.net and i'll give you the information for how you can do that through her site.


just because i missed her so

i thought you should know that littlegoat, is actually the PGOAT.

hi honey. i missed you. and your little dog(s) too.

this is funny

i can't stop laughing at this.

or as i like to call it, thursday

i've been a very sad creature the past 24 hours. actually the past 5 months, but more so the past day.

i feel lonely, and i miss my dad, and i am tired of feeling compelled to tell people that if i'm remote or distant, or uncommunicative it's because i'm sad and lonely.

while i'd love to reach out to people and say "hey! i'm sad, but would like to sit quietly with someone, anyone and not have to talk or have people cheer me up or even watch movies" i am also having a hard time imagining being around people. i'm ignoring phone calls and not responding to emails because i don't really want to be with someone, anyone either.

so while i'm confused and lonely, i have to figure things out. sorry if i owe you call or an email or a visit. hopefully i'll be able to do that soon.

IM rules

[19:24:44] haiku-girl: hello?
[19:26:04] heatherfeather: i have amaaaaaazing timing
[19:26:11] haiku-girl: you do?
[19:26:17] heatherfeather: i just walked up to the computer 1.5 minutes after you im'd me
[19:26:20] heatherfeather: woohoo!
[19:26:54] haiku-girl: you are amazing!
[19:27:12] heatherfeather: i am a miracle
[19:27:19] haiku-girl: like the baby jesus
[19:28:22] heatherfeather: whoa
[19:28:24] heatherfeather: that's crazy
[19:28:42] haiku-girl: what is?
[19:28:47] haiku-girl: that you are like the baby jesus?
[19:28:54] heatherfeather: that i'm like jesus in baby-size
[19:29:08] haiku-girl: that was jesus' best size
[19:29:15] heatherfeather: most portable

other than the fact that i'm going to hell, it was quite funny.

better or worse, i went rogue

after 5 attempts to set the left sleeve, we finally have finishedness. not only that, but i felt well enough to put on clothes other than pj's, take a shower, and take pictures of the FO in action (not in that order). (also, note to self, 26 degrees is still too cold to go out with wet hair)

here she is

rogue FO 003
(please forgive my neighbor's ghetto yard)

the requisite hood shot
rogue FO hood

a shot proving both sleeves are sewn on
rogue FO front

and one where the timer surprised me not quite ready for picture takin'
rogue FO 006

the report
  • pattern: jenna wilson's rogue
  • yarn: paton's classic merino in natural mix
  • needles: addi natura size 6
  • started: um... february 9, 2006 or so
  • finished: march 22, 2006 (which is misleading because i finished the body and one sleeve in about 2.5 weeks in the midst of papers and end of quarter stress. cast on second sleeve on march 12, finished it a few days ago, realized i wonked up the left sleeve due to fevered sewing, and reset it 5 times today)
  • pattern mods: knitted sleeves in the round until sleeve cap shaping - why do extra seaming?
  • notes: love love love this pattern. i'm even considering knitting a second rogue in a color, in this same yarn or buying the briggs and little kit from weaving rainbow because, hello? $35? but, the body of this sweater is too short for how wide my chest and hips are. i'd do a bunch of (like 5-6) extra pattern repeats of the cable twists on the body to make it longer next time, and i'd do the sleeves about 3 inches longer as well.

frogs in cowls

i've found a project for the frog tree alpaca that i sorta enabled jessica into buying (okay, she wound up buying totally different yarn than this after i enabled her, but let's not split hairs) and eventually bought off of her once she frogged the USMP.

it's knit and tonic's somewhat cowl! i envision using both colors, and doing some striping with the magenta-y yarn around the hips, getting wider from top to bottom so as not to accentuate that i don't have a waist really and give my hips (which are certainly child-bearing in width) some definition.

anyhow, i needed to buy some smaller needles (duh) to get gauge.

and it turns out i DO have a favorite needle - addi naturas. they're great for lace (pointier and stickier than the addi turbos), have almost as smooth of a join as the turbos, and they ALWAYS have them in stock at showers of flowers.

and i finally have at least one set of needles in every size from 0 - 9, have 10.5 dpns, and an 11 addi turbo, so most of my needs are met in the meantime. since i tend to do most of my projects on 6s and 7s, i have multiples of each of those, and multiples of the 8s. i would like a longer set of 5 circs (mine are currently 18" and i'm a fool for magic loop so that don't work so well), but in the meantime have 4 size 5 dpns to tide me over. i don't mind dpns, i just prefer ML.

i also cast on for ene's scarf with my alpaca cloud in horizon last night to have a lace project to keep me entertained whilst plugging away on lady eleanor... one can only take so much stockinette stitch...

dear 17 year old boy working the checkout counter at walgreens,

thank you for your excellent customer service. i apologize for making you blush today when purchasing the PMS care package (haagen-daaz, doritos, advil, and tampons) this afternoon. you did do a nice job of not batting an eye at my purchases, and i hardly noticed the stammering and the hot pink sheen to your face when you handed me my change. that's just the way it is sometimes when you work in a drugstore.

good luck - i hope it gets easier dealing with girls making girly purchases!

notes from the sanitorium

i'm hopefully on my way to recovering from this bout of the consumption.

i went to the dr. today, and he gave me antibiotics and free mucinex with sudafed (free is WAY cheaper than the $6245190841958961 per pill it costs over the counter). my fever (which spiked yesterday at 102.1) has been hovering around 100 today, thanks be to god for tylenol.

and for those of you with well wishes, thanks, crazy monkeys. (and why isn't it monkies?)

i'm planning on remaining plastered to the couch under yarn and knitting needles until i remember that i have to buy dog food tomorrow morning... oops.

non-haunted microwave

rogue has two arms

it's finito.

this is a semi decent picture - i have another but it sucks, because i look schleppy and am in pj bottoms, and i can't be bothered to take better pictures yet because of the 101 degree fever i've got groovin at the moment.

proper FO report later.

edited to add: i cannot warn against sewing sleeves on sweaters with a fever enough. i don't know what i did, but it looks like crap - take two tomorrow if i'm feeling better.

click-clack knitting goes on

lady eleanor has six balls, er, skeins right now.... this is what she resembles:

i've just started my 30th of 35 tiers, and have 4 skeins remaining. i am thinking i'll make her with all 10 skeins, and after the 8th, i'll cut the pieces of fringe, and probably wind up knitting the 9th on, making her a monster shawl. however, this is assuming that i won't think that i'm sick to death of knitting her. because there's a chance that i am.

also, i've finished the knitting for rogue. i've woven in the ends on one of the sleeves, attached it and woven the rest of the ends on the body in. the second arm is blocking. this is what rogue looks like when designed for richard kimble's wife's murderer. assuming the murderer was female. or a cross-dresser.

I have yet to think this is normal or ok

this is part of the children's pay area at cherry creek mall. on the other side is a giant banana, litle banana slices, a waffle with butter, and a ginormous bowl of shredded wheat.

it's ALWAYS crowded (except when i grabbed this pic with my camera phone - they had just kicked all the kids out and were cleaning all the toys. i'm guessing either someone peed or had ebola). and i have huge issues with how weird it is.

not to mention freudian.

A rud is annamh is iontach

and the rest of the day to you.

my microwave is haunted

it grumbles and groans when you use it. and it doesn't get food very hot anymore.

it's clearly haunted.

i should get a newbie.

i need me a lie-down

after TEN DAYS of having over 100 blog posts to read on bloglines (and i even read about 10-15 a day during what i like to call "the craziness period") i have achieved greatness.

i have ZERO new posts to catch up on.

misunderstand me. hey, miss, understand me!

this is ernie. he's six, weighs 69.8 lbs, is 1/2 australian shepherd, and most likely 1/2 boxer-y mutt (something that can leap tall fences in a single bound, anyway).

erniesnout 002

lately, i'm worried that ernestine might feel old. see, he usually sleeps on my bed, with me, keeping me toasty. he has since may 2001 when we moved to maine. before that, i had an apartment with a loft bedroom accessible only by ladder. before that i pretended i was hardcore and didn't want him sleeping with me in bed.

but he's been sleeping in his own little doggy bed the past few weeks - i hope he's not getting creaky and tired in the joints...

ernie's bed

(by the way, that's my backup bedspread on my bed since my other one got sauce on it from eating sushi on the sofa on a cold afternoon)

like disco lemonade

in addition to not blogging, i've not been knitting much. but i have been knitting some.

after weeks of one-sleeved limbo, i decided to cast on the second sleeve for rogue, and after a moment of dum-ness (where i knitted chart A, the side cable on the sleeve and couldn't figure out why i had so many extra stitches, and got 6 rows into it before i realized that i was supposed to be doing chart D), i'm about 10 rows into it.

because really? after all that work, a single sleeve isn't that much work to do.

and lady eleanor is at 25 of 35 tiers before the final row, blocking, and fringeing. yay!

i really really want to work on a sweater in the spring IK knits (the caftan) as soon as possible. um, after i buy yarn, that is.

because i have to read several hundred pages BEFORE the first class of the quarter for my arms control course.

gee, thanks.

hi interwebs

things are crazy busy here.

hopefully slowing down tomorrow.

oi vey

it's snowy and chilly on my spring break.

that's just suckish. that, and the fact that i spilled eel sauce on my bedspread because i'm a dope.

mmmm, that smells delicious!

i bought a pack of the extra cool green apple gum today. i partook of a piece, and it was actually better than i thought it would be. then, i sat down with a friend to watch jarhead and decided a few minutes later that i was done with my piece - i had been chewing it for an hour and a half or so.

i got up to throw it out, and saw something shiny and green on the floor.

turns out ernie thought it smelled delish, and took it upon himself to eat the remaining thirteen pieces in the pack. (product plug - we all find it delicious!)

thirteen pieces of gum.

thinking of waferbaby and dash's incident with the cob of corn, and having seen too many episodes of emergency vets i decided to call the vet, lest 13 pieces of gum, say, block his intestines.

the tech who answered the phone said that she thought he'd be able to pass the gum just fine and that the foil wrapper wouldnt hurt him. whew. much cheaper than GI surgery on a mutt i got for free on a horse farm 6 years ago.

then she said, let me just double check with the vet.

turns out the artificial sweetner can cause a bad reaction in dogs and doggo needed to yak that gum out ASAP.

$5, a half bottle of peroxide, a turkey baster, projectile vomiting, and a mental note to change my clothes before i try to make the dog barf later, we got the gum out of the dog.

the same way it went in.

we hurt but we smile

although i liked chris' ideas of using writing prompts to come up with a post (or, his alternate selection, pictures of my bozooms), i decided to go in another direction.

why i am better than you a generous soul

i donated plasma today. see?

coagulant 002

i was going to take a picture of them returning my plasma-less blood to me, but decided that some of you were too squeamish.

in true form, it took several sticks in each arm before they got a good one. here's my abandoned cause of a left arm

coagulant 003

and not exactly related, unless i talk about how they give you an anti-coagulant when donating plasma, i also found another mystery bruise a few days ago.

it's on the back of my left upper arm, but you can't tell that from this picture, i suspect.

mystery bruise - the sequel

i got the mehs

i feel meh about the blog today.

sorry kids. you're on your own for now.

(don't worry, i'll probably post 1343153535635902902394191163 things in a 5 minute period in the near future)

Found: one burgundy feather boa

if you lost your burgundy feather boa, i found it yesterday morning on mississippi, a half block east of south gaylord. as far as i know it's still there, because who'd pick up a boa out of the dirt?

dude. duuuuuude...


i have been given a week.

someone just said, here, heather. have a week. on me.

if only i had some $$, i'd SOOOOO be on a plane and imposing on mariama's hospitality in the city. but alas, i haven't the cash... :(

but i have a WHOLE EXTRA WEEK!

spring quarter - the only thing between me and a master's degree

spring quarter will likely be tough.

there are numerous unknowns - for instance, no one's ever heard of the professor teaching one of my 2 core classes i'm taking next quarter... but it will probably be a lot of work.

in addition to the arms control course i'm taking that will definitely be a lot of work (i've had the professor before).

and the waste of time core class.

and finally, the 3 credit class that's not much work at all and only 6 weeks long.

my application for graduation's in, i've passed my french proficiency exam, and my internship requirements are complete. (they're complete 6 months after my internship was completed)

if only i had a job lined up...

half page to go

this will have me under my suggested 12-page guideline, but i've yet to write a paper that is as long as the suggested guidelines. this is, of course, excepting the professor who had a 20 page minimum, which i not only hit but exceeded by 3 lines.

the good news about finishing this paper tonight? i'm unofficially on spring break. woohoo! i have to go to 2 classes, but i can cognitively disengage and enjoy my 10 days off before my last quarter.

i will clean and clean and clean, and then i will relax and maybe poke around boulder or something.

who am i to refuse a turk?

ashley tagged me for a meme. i'm currently writing a paper. what's the most logical hf course of action? do the meme.

7 is a lucky number

7 things to do before i die:

  1. learn 3 more languages
  2. fly in an airplane without fear (or xanax)
  3. write a good song
  4. perform for over 2,000 people
  5. fit into my skinny jeans again
  6. own a house
  7. live abroad
7 things i cannot do:
  1. ride a bike (still)
  2. hold both elbows in one hand
  3. have sand on my feet
  4. get rid of bugs in my house
  5. drive stick
  6. play the bassoon
  7. think too hard about what i'm eating
7 things i say most often:
  1. dude. duuuuuuude.
  2. like
  3. whatever
  4. crapmonkeys
  5. aw, nuts
  6. hmmmm
  7. try it. see what happens.
7 books i love:
  1. infinite jest - df wallace
  2. anne of green gables - lm montgomery
  3. the robber bride - m atwood
  4. animal dreams - b kingsolver
  5. pobody's nerfect - ??
  6. midwives - chris bohjalian
  7. skinny legs and all - t robbins
7 movies i can watch again and again:
  1. fight club
  2. edward scissorhands
  3. swing kids
  4. grosse pointe blank
  5. the fox and the hound (one of my favorite lines is in this movie: "YOU BLASTED FEMALE!" my goal is to have someone spontaneously say that to me, without them knowing i covet it)
  6. the breakfast club
  7. zoolander
i'm not tagging people. if you want to do it, then you're tagged. cop-out? yes.

from "look at what you did"

i left this in a comment on haiku-girl's blog

sometimes i think that these feelings i have are nebulous and hormonal and liars. they shift and shake and give me peace and nausea and i can't tell if the inside feelings or the outside feelings are the more truthful of the two. context changes everything. changes change everything. truth changes context.

sometimes i remember why i liked hiding in my dark little cave. other times i think i'll wither up and blow away if i go back there. there's two options today: board a plane or not. both seem equally meritorious, both seem equally repugnant. of all things, boarding the plane looks like the route in order - sink or swim, baby... or is it crash or fly?

the choice to keep working and going over the roadbumps or to take a different route altogether is a nasty little creature - like the toenail fungus creatures on tv. but here we are making up the rules in reverse when really they've been there all along. but now they're there in stone, and it still may wind up all for naught.

little red banners are flying all the way down the path, but silly me, i focus on how bright and pretty they are - not the dangers that lie ahead and the pitfalls they herald and how it's just going to leave a bigger scar later that takes that much longer to heal.

because boy do i love me some bright happy banners.

could i feel any more like carrie bradshaw?

it's 4 am. i went to bed a few hours ago, and have yet to sleep. i beg forgiveness for typos, but i'm not wearing my glasses, and it's hard to correct what i can't see. i have a lot of work to do in the morning which is coming all too soon.

i had an incident with a close friend tonight. as background, i avoid conflict like the plague, but with this friend i made a conscsious decision to be honest and communicative evevn if it was hard from the beginning.

this friend really breached my trust. a subversion wrapped in a lie. there was a confrontation, there were tears, it was hashed out. i got numerous, very sincere apologies; i accepted them. i forgive very easily. but i'm not a believer in forgive and forget.

now, i've been lying in bed and running over every single exchange that has occured between us, um, ever and they're all being seen in light of this single incident - how much can i actually believe with this new precedent?

but during our conversation, i was still hurt, but it wasn't unmendable.

when i'm cannibalizing my thoughts inside my brain, i'm not as sure. which vision is the truth: the one inside or outside the situation? can the outside view - the hardline - really take into account the whole picture... especially in such a nebulous situation? am i getting in my own way of the inside view and opting for the easier choice?

how do i know which of my own instincts to heed?

is there any single truth?

in french the word for basement is "cave"

i get no light in my basement apartment (a.k.a. "tiny house"). and there's no shade in my backyard and denver has 300+ days of sunshine a year, so i get hard core sunlight.

so i have difficulty taking pictures that do justice to yarn colors.

but i was at the laundromat today, and took a picture of my lady eleanor in progress because i could finally see the colors. however, i took it with my cell phone, so it's not the *best* picture ever, but it's better than most. and you can see that i do wash clothes on occasion, too.


in actuality, the green is a bit more acidic, the bright purple less forthcoming, and the peacock is beeyotiful. but it's still pretty close...

i love this colorway (noro silk garden 206) - the bright colors interacting with each other and popping up periodically. because i love me some bright colors.

this is my first self-striping yarn and i totally get the excitement of not knowing what it will look like when you're looking at the balls skeins. i'm getting really excited at every red section, and annoyed with the navy sections.

i love me the entrelac because it's stockinette that's less boring, and it taught me to knit and purl left to right, english style.

in the world of rogue, the body and one sleeve are finished, but i haven't been in the mood to cast on the second sleeve. i have me a case of second sock sleeve syndrome...


i bought the olay in-shower moisturizing lotion.

i used it for the first time this afternoon, and i am the softest girl EVAR. (i'm also squishy, but let's not talk about that one...)

i don't love how it smells, but i am the softest girl EVAR.

yes, you may feel me.

why i want to use a butter knife and a hand mirror to disable the sound card in my brain

the theme from night court is stuck in my head.

thwarted by sleep again!

i'm actually really tired tonight and feel unwell. so my sleepy/sicky sensations are deterring me from my original plans for tonight: recording covers of songs, researching for my paper due next week, and knitting rogue sleeves.

although i worked on the sleeve cap shaping of the first sleeve for rogue... yet the ol' carpal tunnel is giving me much tingliness in my hands and hurtiness in my wrists when i'm knitting, as well as the typing and the playing of guitar.

also my elbow's still jacked up - i'm going to get someone to look at it friday, i believe.

/end complainathon

"Memento, homo ... quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris"

it's ash wednesday.

the beginning of lent.

and remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return. (more thoughts later when i'm more awakerish)

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