oh yeah, knitting

so, some of you have me on your bloglines as a "knitter" with a "knitting blog" because i've been know to post "knitting related material."

how's that working out for you?

i'm hoping that by next week i'll have ordered some worsted merino from knitpicks, to start on a bella paquita. for those of you who have accessed the pattern (it's linked below, i can't be bothered right now) and can't open the lace pattern PDF, if you email marnie she'll email it right back to you quick as a bunny and is just the sweetest thing who gets excited when people do her patterns!

my gauge expands over a project, so i'm thinking of seeing if i hit gauge on #7s, but doing it on #6s. or i could take the time to do a BIG SWATCH to see what really happens and not be such a lazy swatcher. this is a fitted sweatertopthingy, so i'd like it to actually fit me properly (unlike the mariah and hot lava incidents).

hopefully i'll update this properly with links soon!

in other news, pinwheel's plugging away, and i have to finish it to free up my 40" #7 addis. or i could buy more #7 addis (maybe in a 47") because most of the projects i want to do are on #7 needles. however i still have about 3526 miles of yarn on the pinwheel and haven't made much discernable progress. but it's hard to judge that anyway because it's all bunched up on the needles. so who knows, it could be as big as texas at the moment.

also in the chute, i need to frog and reknit my cable hat with my leftover mariah yarn. speaking of which...

i think i'm going to frog and reknit mariah so that it fits me properly and doesn't have sleeves that are as long as my legs. for those of you who've never tried it, cabling without a cable needle is SO much faster. there are less opportunities for gratuitous cleavage shots (it's in the archives and on gnit - look of of cable needles and cleavage) but i appear to be posting rack shots anyway.


Chris Cope Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:33:00 pm  

How much would I have to pay you for a rockin' warm hat?

heatherfeather Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:36:00 pm  

yarn and postage.

Crystal Wednesday, November 16, 2005 6:11:00 pm  

can you make me a pair of chaps with a butt in them?

Thomas Wednesday, November 16, 2005 6:27:00 pm  

You type just like you talk, heatherfeather.

heatherfeather Wednesday, November 16, 2005 8:40:00 pm  

sexylovepits: a personal pet peeve of mine is the idea of buttless chaps. all chaps are buttless - it's whether you wear pants underneath them. and sadly, i don't think i'll have time to do a pair of...fringed pants? my docket for those 5 weeks is mighty full.

thomas, what part makes you say that?

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