potpourri, yo

the front range of the rockies is GORGEOUS today... i was driving crazy mara to the airport, and hoo boy! what a beautiful day... and it's 60 degrees! in november! thanksgiving week!

tonight is end-of-term calimocho night at cate's house. i swore i'd never again drink calimochos after a fateful evening in spain, but i believe the trick is to not drink 14, and maybe stick with one or 2. i also have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow.

i got an a- on my last paper in intelligence and national security!

did i mention it's a gorgeous day?

i bought stuff for knitting today! also, lisa - i have NEVER successfully laid my hands on a 50% off code for jo-ann during its valid period... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?! :)

here's the dove grey wool ease i bought for bella (it probably has another name but it's in another room and, well, i'm consumed by sloth for looking at yarn names) surprisingly, with the multicolored floor lamp, the main light and the flash, the color's pretty true on my monitor:

yarn 001

and i decided against re-knitting the cable hat with horn hints (i call them conservative protuberances) with leftover mariah yarn because i'm frankly tired of working with it. so i bought a wool-cotton blend in a bulky weight. i was unable to capture the color appropriately, so you don't really get to know that it's... hmmm... i'm going to describe it as a baby lime yogurty sorta color. my description of the hat will make more sense with a photo of the FO, sorry. (ditto about yarn info sloth story):

yarn 005


jay are Tuesday, November 22, 2005 7:11:00 pm  

it's all greek to me, but I know it's going to look great....

and CONGRATS on the A-!!! WOOHOO!!! That's better than wqwnqagx (one of the stranger ones I've gotten and a pain to type).

Anonymous Wednesday, November 23, 2005 8:29:00 am  

kittenhead bought yarnage yesterday too! and i was thinking of you! woo-hoo!

heatherfeather Wednesday, November 23, 2005 8:38:00 am  


Steve Wednesday, November 23, 2005 12:51:00 pm  

I always liked looking at new balls of yarn. I have a friend whose mom owns a yarn shoppe in New Hampshire. She raises her own sheep and hence makes her own yarn (if I remember correctly). I like New Hampshire. I wouldn't mind retiring there when I got older, so long as there was a lake I could fish at.


Lisa Wednesday, November 23, 2005 1:59:00 pm  

This code works, but only through today: NOVER5502

I'm on their e-mail list, so I get a lot of useless emails, but the coupons every once in awhile make it worth it!

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