it's a sign...

do you believe in signs?

like, say you were emailing someone back and forth instead of writing your paper and poof! your email server won't let you access your inbox anymore.

is that a sign that you should stop emailing and work on your freakin' paper already?

update: it's working again, it wasn't a sign. procrastinators, onward!

update 2: sorry, i misspoke: it wasn't a sign that i should stop procrastinating. whew!


jay are Wednesday, November 16, 2005 2:01:00 am  

That reminds me of a joke I really like that goes something like this: A guy is trying to find a parking place on an extremely packed street. "Please, God, help me find a parking place and I'll devote my life to You." Immediately a car pulls out in front of him, freeing a space. "Never mind," the man says. "I found one."

So: sign? or not? hard to say.

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