bowling is NOT listed on my resume under "special skills"

wednesday night was bowling and beer night. so yaymee and i had dinner at chili's. whilst at chili's yaymee wanted ketchup because ketchup (or catsup) is good.

so she just about tapped the bottle of ketchup on our table. and was getting mad at the ketchup for being gone. just as we were about to leave, we noted that there was a bottle of catsup RIGHT OVER HER SHOULDER which would have been nicer had it been on the table so as to not make the bottle that was nearly empty make rude noises. see the ketchup? there are three bottles in this picture:

this also led to a protracted discussion on condiments. here's the synopsis:
  • yaymee: yay!
  • heather: yay!


  • yaymee: yay!
  • heather: yay!


  • yaymee: yay!
  • heather: boo!

miracle whip:

  • yaymee: sometimes yay!
  • heather: yay!


  • yaymee: yay!
  • heather: yay!


  • yaymee: boo!
  • heather: boo!

there was more, but there were several interesting points raised. i think crushed red peppers are a condiment and not a spice since you add them AFTER the dish is completed in the eyes of the chef (or just after it's completed because i've added them to dinners after i thought they were completed). yaymee thinks they are a spice. this led into an etymological query about the origins of the word "condiment". i see "con-" as a prefix meaning "with" and "ment" as a root of "thought" or "mind". so i think it means to add them with thought, or thoughtfully added. turns out, i'm full of crap, as the link above proves, but i think i'm correct in calling crushed red peppers a condiment after reading its definiton (condiment, not crushed red peppers) that was when yaymee thought it was time for the bowling and beer. since that's what this post is about anyway, and all of my life rotates around blogging, i concurred.

we went to the new bowling alley at bel-mar which had new, non-skanky shoes. yay! i suck at bowling. we found our balls (hee hee) and started bowling. this was my goal for bowling:

  • score over 100

my goals for bowling should have been:

  • don't sprain your thumb - drat
  • score over 80 - woo! 83! new all-time high!
  • don't drop the ball on the backswing - it only happened once
  • try not to look like a total dork - that one went out the window when i dropped the ball

but i was excited by breaking 70 so i took a picture. it was also yaymee's high score. see?

bowling 005

and since i have no shame, here's my score after our second game:

bowling scores - edit

i was h dog, yaymee was, well, yayme. i wondered how many people would think that stood for "hot dog". no one asked. we almost left in our bowling shoes and left our real shoes under the fancy-schmancy table. it was a bowling lounge more than an alley. and it was expensive. but it was fun!

as of friday morning, i am still a confirmed bowling wussy. my thumb is sprained, my back and shoulders ache.


Anonymous Friday, November 25, 2005 1:33:00 pm  

I took bowling for a PE class in college, where the one thing I learned is that I'm really good at bowling as long as the game is only three frames long. After that I suck in a very big way. The same is true of my mini-golf game. So I'm with you on the resume-building thing.

Rob Friday, November 25, 2005 2:14:00 pm  

Nice journal! How did you get your comment link to say Monkeys?...very funny

TotallyHappened Saturday, November 26, 2005 9:10:00 pm  

Don't feel bad -- I got a 9 once. Seriously. My husband brings it up every time he can possibly stretch the conversation to bowling. Example:
ME: I'm getting some ice cream, would you like me to get you some?
HIM: Yeah, I'll take a bowl-ing you got a 9, remember?

Anonymous Monday, November 28, 2005 1:19:00 am  

amy's hair is long

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