Bucko II

a few weeks ago i named the illustrious ipod bucko. i named it in memory of the crab that gave his life that cherz may have his own. and that made the toilet noise stop.

then, my own bucko had a stroke. so i sent it to apple, and they fixed it and sent it back. i got it back last wednesday. and it was completely dead. i couldn't restore it, i couldn't sync it, i couldn't update it, i couldn't reset it, it just showed me the freaking folder with exclamation point. so i sent it back. (apple charged me money for sending it back, but i said, no no, you broke it more, you fix it on your nickel, biznatch) so yesterday i got my own shiny new ipod have put my 2500+ songs on it, and have some 25 gb left. that means i get to go back and put the songs off of the cds i don't listen to much on it since i decided against it in the interest of saving room on my hard drive, but then i got an external hard drive and all is happy happy.

since i have bucko ii, all is happy happy happy!

now playing: "the shriners loaned us cars, we raced up and down the sidewalk twenty thousand million times..." {sigh} one of my favorite songs ever...


particleman Thursday, March 24, 2005 2:23:00 pm  

i like the cars link you chose. nice touch.

i have yet to hop on the ipod bandwagon. i have hopped on the mp3 player bandwagon in general, though. i have an iRiver 256 MB doohickey. it's about as big as a swiss army knife and holds just enough songs to keep things interesting and make me change things up every now and then.

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