mmmmm... now that's some good friday...

it just don't seem so right to say happy good friday! so i guess i'll say, hey! it's good friday!

good friday linktastic:

  • wanna get your stuff into MoMA? sneak it in!
  • sorry all you shy sumo wrestlers, no pants for you!
  • way of the cross at the vatican.
  • now's not the best time to visit kyrgyzstan.
  • some 68 million year old soft tissue was found in MT.
  • pinochet (boo, hiss) won't be tried for the murder of his predecessor.
  • for the second time in my memory, there's poultry running around on the CA freeway. last time was about 2 years ago and there were chickens in the carpool lane of the 405. less environmentally friendly, today there's a rooster in the right lane of the 605. (hard to link to traffic info from LA radio station heard over the internet)
  • why britney loves her some kabbalah.
  • quick! there's only 1 more day of the glory of easter at the crystal cathedral! (my memory from 22+ years ago is that camels are smelly and it was WAY too long)
  • come easter, don't forget to celebrate the easter monkey!
  • since i'm allergic to bananas, i may develop a latex allergy sooner or later.


Me.Myself.I Friday, March 25, 2005 11:33:00 am  

I love the first line of the Sumo article because for some odd reason I have always liked the under-used word "tussle."

heatherfeather Friday, March 25, 2005 1:21:00 pm  

i like "scrappy" and "splice." only "scrappy" goes with "tussle" though.

only scrappy sumos will tussle with their pants off. sadly their diapers sort of splice the sumos...

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