it's one of those days...

...where i have nothing to say.

well, i have some things to say, like this:

"With the breadth of facilities that are capable of supplying the necessary elements for creating a biological weapon, it is particularly challenging to establish universal security standards that will apply to every facility. Between medical research facilities such as the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, to university biology departments, to school supply companies, to agricultural research projects, the biological agents that are genetically replicated and alterable into a biological weapon are readily available. Furthermore, the amount and detail of research in bioweaponry provides relative facility for constructing biological agents from scratch with partial DNA sequences and bacterial samples. Addressing this point, it becomes extremely unambiguous that designing and implementing a single standard for security in varying facilities is a monumental feat to implement on a national level, if not an international level. "

but i don't know if you want to read my thesis proposal. (gee, use, commas, much, heather?)

so i'll say this instead:

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{nods solemnly}

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