justice is blind, but yes that was a hot, single lawyer.

this is peppered with superficial, yet true observations. i embrace my shallow parts and wallow in the...other stuff.

so i did my civic duty for the next 12 months and went to jury duty today. i was closer to being selected for a jury than i have been ever! as in, i was in the jury box.

but, no they didn't want me. which is okay because how much more boring could the case have sounded? it was a mortgage company suing a dude. that thought the trial would last 2 days, and deliberations wouldn't be much more than the mortgage company had a really cute single lawyer (i'm such a deep person - so take note p-man, people will get all dreamy eyed and think you're the most interesting person ever if they think you're cute, even if they're not listening to what you're saying), and a boring mortgage companyguy. the defendant had a greasy mullet, wasn't wearing socks (well, he DOES live in hawaii, even if it was SNOWING HERE THIS MORNING) and had a lawyer in a really cheap suit (again - these are just superficial impressions, but it made me not like the cheapsuitlawyer so much when he started talking. the lesson, again, is nicer suits make a better impression overall).

all in all though, i'm not a jury duty shirker, and one of those people with "beliefs" that people should be tried by a jury of their peers, and think it's important to go, even if it's inconvenient and you have to stand out in the rain/snow mix for 45 minutes because they take forever doing the security screenings in the courthouse. but that doesn't mean you can't be relieved when you're not selected to sit on the jury of a boring case. and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean you can't be relieved when you aren't in the jury pool for the brent j. brents case. (even though i doubt his trial is anytime soon)


particleman Monday, March 21, 2005 10:51:00 pm  

i'll try to work on the hotness part. as things stand, my mom still buys me ties. (just kidding. sort of.)

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