i CANNOT put this paper off anymore! so why do i blog? because i want to put this paper off. i still need to clean and find my dpns. so insted of writing the paper, i've also been cleaning.

why do i go to wifi cafes when i have papers to write? i should go to cafes without wifi, or paid wifi service. i only have 4 of 15 pages done...

in other news, it snew here last night, and luckily the streets are all melted and clear. i got to capuvino (where they also have wine - another obstacle) and there was a scottish terrier sitting outside, next to the requisite community dog dish... he had teeny tiny snowballs hanging all over his fur! that's the cleareest memory i have of denver before i moved back here last may (other than the whole pope incident in 1993): my aunt's cocker spaniel, dudley (may he r.i.p.) playing with me in the back yard and havig snowballs dangling from his fur. then we used the blowdryer to melt them. i was 6 i think.

okay, terrorism assessment, ho!

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