• while i like the concept behind "nameless jay" it reminds me a bit of jay and silent bob. rowan, while a nice name i shall shy away from until i find out if anyone is naming their kid rowan in the immediate future. but since we've ventured into yarn territory, i'll entertain the idea of naming my iPod tahki. or maybe not. still entertaining suggestions. although i like the idea of naming my iPod something like bucko in memory of the crab who never had a chance.
  • nuts. the weekend migraine is back. if i still have it on saturday at noon, i'l ask for a ride to the hospital for the good stuff (i.e. schedule 2 or 3 narcotics). can't have the dilaudid get in the way of prom.
  • i have a new favorite russian verb. it is fun to say, and it means "i rest" which is fun to do. Я отдыхю. Ты отдыхаешь. (infinitive: oтдыхать)
  • Я елу университет сегодня.
  • (last russian bullet) I heard it! I finally understand the difference between ш and щ! and learned the fun word for thank you: благодарю and farewell: прощайте!
  • we basically have to redo our powerpoint on suicide bombing because the professor tore us a new one when we brought our tentative slideshow. WE FOLLOWED THE SYLLABUS TO THE LETTER.
  • i typed that last bullet originally with the French keyboard and it looked like this:
    "ze bqsicqlly hqve to redo our pozerpoint on suicide bo,bing becquse the professor tore us q nez one zhen ze brought our tentqtive slideshoz: ZE FOLLOZED THE SYLLQBUS TO THE LETTER:
  • i re-evaluated the situation and roses really DO smell like pooh, pooh, pooh.
  • okay, one more russian thing. i really need to learn how to read and write in russian cursive. i remember how much of a pain that was when i was 4, and now i have to do it again almost a quarter century later.
  • i love you oh, so well, like a kid loves candy and fresh snow.
  • no wandering in the woods whilst 9 months pregnant.

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