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toes go in first, you knoe!

i've been busting to janet jackson's "rhythm nation" the past few days. i get interesting looks in the car because the weather's nice and the windows are down. and "rn" and "miss you much" are on a random cd that's followed by "tiny dancer" (hold me close, young tony danza) and preceded by "motown philly" (which always reminds me of the adorable 7th graders in our lip sync show in 9th grade who were cuter than cute. that event is what caused them to start implementing a ticket limit to shows because we sold that bad boy out and broke a few fire codes that night.)

and i am filled with glee to tell you that this quarter's classes are finito. completedamundo. have ceased to be. shuffled off this mortal coil, if you will. are pushing up daisies. (whoa... just started channeling monty python...)

i still have a little matter of my terrorism paper, but for all intents and purposes, that class is DONE!!! (and in course evaluations i know of QUITE a few people who created new orifices for the professor)

but last night, i went out to spanky's with my suicide bombing group after class which was alternately sickfun and aggravating. as in some of them were better to hang out with than others, and luckily the better than others ones are in a ton of my classes next quarter. then, i went to a bowling alley up by my house and met up with crazy mara and her friend keeley from work, and keeley's friends. mara was slightly cranky and ready to go, but then we started dancing to the theme song from st. elmo's fire "man in motion" and things got much more better. and we were doing our strange little dancing and singing things we do (this is usually when we forget we're in public, and it all comes back to us very suddenly. and yes, i was stone cold sober.) and we may have drawn a crowd, but it was stupidfun. then i went home and went to bed, got up, and went to work, where i'll work a 1/2 day then i'll go home and work on my terrorism final paper and go to lakewood and do some laundry and go home and have dinner with the pups, then go to crazy mara's and go out with her and yaymee. yay!

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