happy purim everyone!

whew! thanks to p-man for reminding us that at sunset it will be purim! hooray queen esther! (and hooray for encouraging people to get so drunk they cannot tell between the good guy and the bad guy in the name of piety!)

(p-man if you want me to use yours instead let me know, and up it goes!)

when i called crazy mara and said, "happy purim, crazy mara!" she said, "THAT'S RIGHT! i have to call my mom! can we go to services tonight, dressed up as esther and eat hamentaschen (this would be a perfect segue into what i love about judaism, but who's got time for that? - hf)? oh! that's why emeril was making hamentaschen last night! i can't believe i forgot it was purim! ohand then it's passover! tomorrow's passover!" well, no, that's in april, but who am i to argue with a markowitz?

ah, passover... that's REALLY the perfect segue into what i love about judaism...

yes, the day of bitter herbs, unblemished lamb, and unleavened bread. (get your candles! it's time for a leavening hunt!) but i still don't have time to get into that...


particleman Friday, March 25, 2005 11:33:00 am  

the standard hebrew text looks fine. it's actually legible, which is more than i can say for my cursive scrawl.

and if i may, may i say that PASSOVER IS MY LEAST FAVORITE HOLIDAY. you try eating glorified saltines (minus the salt) for a week and tell me how you feel. ugh.

heatherfeather Friday, March 25, 2005 12:29:00 pm  

i have... it's not fun. my friend tried to dress matzo up by mixing it with watery scrambled eggs. didn't help.

it's the symbolism of the food and herbs and saltwater that really gets me about passover.

and i can't really share in the whole yom kippur thing as easily.

[shrug] i'll eat seder for you if you do the next lent for me.

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