i finished my sister's poncho last night! (okay, i finished knitting it, but it stil needs blocking. more on that later) i wish i loved it. i don't like the colors (lion brand wool-ease thick and quick in green heather and white) because they remind me of junior high, and they're not the fun kind of contrast like red and orange in the pattern, and i wish i HAD done it in garter stitch instead of stockinette - it would be a bit stretchier...

at least i still have her scarf that i LOVE that is in the works... but i only have a week off of school, so it will be some time before that cabled piece of soft, rowan loveliness is finished... and although it's tiny tiny in the picture it's about 2.5 times that long at the moment - so although it's slow going, it IS going. (and will need blocking, obviously)

but as far as blocking a big rectangle, though it sounds easy enough to do, i just don't have the counter, table, or floor space to do that where my dog won't get fur all over the damp piece of tangled yarn that it is... so i may have to just break down and pay someone to block it for me... {sigh}

but there are some projects that i yearn to start, but won't so that I finish the pink scarf... there is actually a keller family project i want to start. however, it requires my addi 10.5 dpns, and currently they are MIA in my apartment.

once i finish my terrorism paper this weekend, i'll have to do an in-depth quarterly house cleaning because MY MOM IS COMING TO VISIT ON TUESDAY! yay for mommy!

hopefully i'll find them then.

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