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so, i finally broke down and bought a firewire card for my laptop.

and now the ipod works again.

but it doesn't charge the 'pod while it's updating.

yet in good news, i can finally blast concrete blonde's "joey" with the windows rolled down on my way to work.

one more class, one more paper, and the quarter's done.

and mama will be here in 1 week.

(speaking of mamas, hi travis! tell yer mama to check her snail mailbox in the next few days)

update: in my unending frustration with having problems with ipod syncing with itunes via usb, numerous resets and restores of the podster, finally getting the music back loaded on the pod-a-licious, i forgot the whole reason my problems started was that it was skipping. as in it would play only certain songs for about 25 seconds, and then it would skip to the next song, skipping over about 5 in line, and then play for the next 25 seconds. that problem is NOT resolved, so due to the joy of a 12 month warranty, i'm sending it in to apple when i get their shipping stuff and they're sending me a newbie. so, i have a firewire port now, and yay! a new pod in the chute.


semaphoria Wednesday, March 09, 2005 12:45:00 pm  

yay travis! yay mail! yay firewire! i was under the impression that the pods only charge through firewire on a mac.... but i may be wrong. but at least your music transfers should be speedy quick now!

heatherfeather Wednesday, March 09, 2005 1:13:00 pm  

yay! for all the above!

music transfers ARE speedy quick now!

yay! (i love how often our conversations consist of reciprocating bouts of "yay!"-dom)

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