seriously, how much more appropriate location for ninjas than at a japanese restaurant?

tonight was the lovely yaymee's going away festivus. the plan was sushi at the sushi boat and cocktails.

one of the first orders of business was the recreation of the sushi boat.

here, we see yaymee making a sushi boat out of chopsticks and chopstick wrappers on my birthday in may of 2005:

sushi boat at sushi boat

and here we see yaymee and i re-enacting that moment together for posterity:
sushi boat at sushi boat

true to form, i took pictures of myself (this time with friendies cate and crazy mara):
cate, crazy mara, heatherfeather

and of other people, like yaymee and her lovely mom, pat:
amy and pat

furthermore, there was a touch of silliness here and there as mara pretended to be the tappan chef:
mara works the tappan

also true to form, yaymee and i shared a plate of sushi (which we had to wait for for approximately 35 months since they made it with sesame the first time when i noted and told them i needed to have sesame-free sushi) and had our last bite of caterpillar roll together. i love it when pictures of me eating are on the internet... really, i do.
our final sushi boat sushi bite

after the boat some of us went to the lounge. being a sleepymonkey, i left early, but not before having chris snap this shot of the girl brigade before we (when i say "we" i mean everyone but me) did jaegerbombs:
girls and jaegerbombs

for those of you so inclined, or those who want to download these pictures for your own purposes (just don't tell me if you do), the set is here.

(editor's aside: so the thing is, the first tank top i was wearing, the longer i wore it the more ninja-indecent it got. so i changed into a different one that was so much better that i didn't notice how ninja-y it still was until pei lo mein kept trying to touch them, and i had to slap her hand repeatedly and say, "no pei lo mein, no!")

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