roly-poly little bat-faced girl

or, songs to which i cannot stop listening - the paul simon edition

  • "graceland" (she comes back to tell me she's gone. as if i didn't know that, as if i didn't know my own bed. as if i'd never noticed the way she brushed her hair from her forehead.)
  • "hearts and bones" (why won't you love me for who i am where i am? he said, 'cause that's not the way the world is baby. this is how i love you, baby. this is how i love you.')
  • "homeless" (homeless, boom boom)
  • "diamonds on the soles of her shoes" (i could say 'oooooooooooo' and everyone would know what i was talking about)
  • "the coast" (summer skies, the stars are falling all along the injured coast)
  • "the cool, cool river" (sometimes, even music cannot substitute for tears)
  • "trailways bus" (yes, i am an alien from mars)
  • "you can call me al" (he sees angels in the architecture spinning in infinity, he says 'amen, alleluia!') not to mention one of the best bass solos ever written, much less executed.


jess Tuesday, January 03, 2006 7:34:00 pm  

graceland gets stuck in my head at least once every two months. it's got this beat like a train, that just pulls the song ever every forward ... i'm goin-a graceland graceland, memphis tennessee i'm goin-a graceland, doodleoodle doodleoodle doo... dum dum!

heatherfeather Wednesday, January 04, 2006 12:53:00 am  

i absolutely know what you're talking about.

and i have a special fondness for the drum machine clapping in that song, too.

i'm looking at ghosts and empties.

Steve Wednesday, January 04, 2006 10:53:00 am  

I don't think I've heard anything by Paul Simon that I haven't thought was outstanding.

Simon and Garfunkel had a few of the greatest songs ever: Sounds of Silence, America, I Am a Rock, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water...

Not bad for a guy who married Edie Brickell (I never could figure out how she knelt like that)...

villanovababy Wednesday, January 04, 2006 6:56:00 pm  

i always wondered what a Bap faced girl was like. Then i realized it was "Bat" faced girl. And then I still wondered what she'd look like. I hope not like the national enquirer bat-boy. That is scary! *shudders*

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