i'll be a monkey's uncle. er, aunt.

rumor has it i'm a slacker somewhat in the blog departent.

i'm not a slacker like thomas, new seattle resident is a slacker. because he has two advanced degrees, and i'm not quite done with my first. and he still has time to sit on his baby niece and teach her words like "eggroll" and "heather" because every baby's first word (especially if she's part filipino) should be either food-related or the name of a stranger.

or like semaphoria. just because she's got a baby and a new job, she thinks her primary function in life is no longer to talk about cheese and gnitting and other internetty stuff.

not a slacker like erik is a slacker, posting twice a month. however his posts are invariably good and funny and weird (remember the post where we learned how lame teens of these days are? i just like this one because bryan confesses to having crushes on rebecca and i. and seriously - everyone should have a crush on at least me, if not both of us. go ahead, try it! it's fun!). me? not so concerned about quality - i'm more interested in quantity.

not a slacker like moocow. i don't know if i consider him a slacker, however, but just wanted to throw it out there that he might be a slacker. or a cheesehat. one of those. maybe a wombat-eating cheesehat. who likes crunk.

yaymee's a slacker, but i forgive her because moving to africa in a week is a really valid reason for neglecting the blogworld.

monstee is NOT a slacker because he put together this crazy flash thing that makes me look like a chipmunk, and alludes to the fact that i may not be as hot as tyra banks or carmen electra. wait a minute, he might be a slacker for that. because clearly, i am as hot - if not hotter.

i think i'm losing coherence or something. i don't even think there was a point to this posting (see my comments after discussing erik's slackerdom).

but i should get new glasses because i can't see. or maybe i should put mine on when i'm typing so i can see the typos i make without having to put my nose 2 inches from the screen.

in the meantime, i leave you with a picture of the mountains taken from my parents' house in california which leads me to ask, why would people live in places without mountains? and look at how low and solid that snow line is. and look at the cloud shadow- i love me some cloud shadows.

san gabriel mountains


Thomas Monday, January 02, 2006 2:30:00 pm  

Someone woke up on the judgmental side of the bed I see.

heatherfeather Monday, January 02, 2006 2:37:00 pm  

are you judging me for judging you?

Monstee Monday, January 02, 2006 5:34:00 pm  

Judge not least ye be Judge Reinhold in Fast Times at Ridgemont High cause he got to do that pool scene with Phoebe Cates and... Phoebe Cates!! That it! You look more like Phoebe Cates than you do Tyra Banks or Carmen Electra. And me was in NO WAY alluding to fact that you may or may not be as hot as them anyway. Me simply put you half face profile pic into Monstee Inc.'s new Profile Facial Extrapolator(tm) and what come out come out. Now if you want to know exactly how hot you am... well, we at Monstee Inc. and working on hotness meter right now just for you... and everyone else on Internet.

Here am your prize, Christmas present, bribe, whatever.

Yaymee Monday, January 02, 2006 9:21:00 pm  

Thank you for once again understanding why I suck at everything (except packing) these days. I love this "leaving for Guinea in a week" thing - it is the perfect excuse for a messy house, ugly clothing choices, not updating the blog.... basically everything. I need to leave for Africa more often!

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