just unplug the internet, already.

or, songs to which i can't stop listening

  • "your misfortune" by mike doughty
  • "annabelle" by antje duvekot
  • "on love, in sadness" by jason mraz
  • "so are you to me" by eastmountainsouth
  • "it's a war in there" by dar williams
  • "sweet baby james" by james taylor
  • "the lowlands of holland" by the chieftains (with natalie merchant)
school is totally getting in the way of my real life. i'm trying to have an existential breakdown over here, but have to write this stupid paper.... the more i complain the longer it takes to write, i know.

and i can't stop sneezing, no matter what (i've sneezed literally about 46 times in the past 20 minutes)

i must go grocery shopping - officially out of food on my end.

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