pregnant? (not me)

it appears that my run as a fertility idol has either ended or gone on vacation.

the baby boom of 2002-2005 is at an end. in that time frame, i know of over 50 (fifty!) babies that were born to friends and family.

now is the time to inform all of you who recoil in fear that i use my powers for good and not evil evil and not good (oops, freudian slip at 8 am on a sunday morning) - i only knocked up people who were married and wanted to be pregnant. and twice i got people pregnant who didn't think they could.

at the moment, i have heard of one (maybe two) couples who are pregnant (anyone able to confirm that michael and clare t. are in the family way again?) which feels, um, weird. i haven't been layette shopping in ages. by ages i mean 6 months.

my checking account sort of appreciates the respite, but i also miss the newborn age - i hold them while they're crying, i change poopy diapers, i'm all for giving new mom and dad a break and a chance to use their arms again.

but that boom is over (the wedding boom is over too). wow... that suddenly made me feel very unmarried.

that's bad. (shakes it off)


Steve Sunday, January 22, 2006 1:04:00 pm  

I didn't realize babymaking was within your powers. I wonder how that power affected me and my two made babies during that span...


heatherfeather Sunday, January 22, 2006 1:40:00 pm  

it seems unlikely - but i'm not ruling it out. ususally these are people i know in person or via telephone (my sister's friends most likely) before the babies were conceived.

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