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anouk 003

another finished object.

for the baby upon whom i sit.

here's my maiden intarsia voyage (not sure why left pocket is so puckery in the picture - it's not really):
anouk intarsiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i'm sorta "meh" about it. i think i'm just tired of it - i knitted it like a mo-fo and did it in 2.5 days.

there's serious rowing that doesn't come through in the pictures, and i'm hoping a trip through the washer (yay for machine washable yarn!) will even it out some.

pattern: anouk by kate gilbert from spring '04 knitty (18 month size)
yarn: knitpicks shine in apricot, cherry, grass, and violet
needles: susan bates silverado #7
started: 12/7/05
finished: 12/10/05
for: babyhead
new skills: intarsia

next up: kiri for mom with knitpicks palette in fog.
*from the subject of an email from someone asking for a hat


jay are Sunday, December 11, 2005 12:47:00 am  

greek or no, very cool. next we need a picture of baby who gets sat on wearing featured item.

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