home sweet home (canine TMI)

today, i've done work, i've started frogging mariah (SWIFT AND WINDER MAKES LITTLE YARN CAKES! not as good as lemon cupcakes, but whatever), and i've been cleaning up dog puke.


i think we finally got to the root of the problem when he upchucked a wad of cellophaneish plastic that was shaped in such a way as to make me wonder if he didn't somehow get it out of his small intestine.

his voice is also quite hoarse which makes me wonder how long he's been puking or if he's been allowed to bark himself hoarse the past 8 days.

either way, the fact that he had access to that kind of plastic and that he's hoarse makes me a little annoyed... he doesn't usually eat crap off of the floor, at most he'll find the kleenex box and tear out sheets, tear them up and leave them in a little mountain for me to find when i get out of the shower - he almost never does it if i'm not home. just a little "screw you!" to the woman who dares be home but not paying 100% attention to him.

boy did i miss this little guy.


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