i just threw up in my mouth a little

i walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth about 45 seconds ago.

there is a giant centipede sitting on the bristles of my toothbrush.


jay are Saturday, December 10, 2005 2:52:00 am  

I'm cracking up at this post. :)

and that's DISGUSTING!!!!


NOW what???? I hope you had a spare?

heatherfeather Saturday, December 10, 2005 2:55:00 am  

i did.

if not, i would have gone without for the night and scampered off to walgreens first thing in the morning.

what i need more urgently is a new place to keep my toothbrush.

jay are Saturday, December 10, 2005 3:00:00 am  

in a metal safe perhaps. yuck.
well, that's a dilemma for sure because you can't be throwing up in your mouth a little (hehehehe) every time you walk in the bathroom.

MooCow Saturday, December 10, 2005 10:11:00 am  

The ironic part is that had you actually thrown up you would have been unable to brush that taste away.

(That's just reapi)

heatherfeather Saturday, December 10, 2005 11:49:00 am  

gah. that is true, mr. moo.

Anonymous Saturday, December 10, 2005 2:15:00 pm  

True story, from the annals of Memories We Don't Cherish: boy awakes, shuffles into bathroom and begins brushing. boy's sleep-befuddled brain begins to register that toothpaste has a rather bitter-sour taste this morning. boy examines toothbrush to discover little bits of leg and crushed spider body in amongst the bristles. boy is sad.

jay are Sunday, December 11, 2005 12:45:00 am  

boy makes understatement of the year. boy makes readers want to throw up in their mouths a little bit. GROSS!!! I bet boy never ever again brushed teeth without full inspection of toothbrush.

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