queen potato of michigan and the miracle of chanukah - the photo essay

last evening, crazy mara and i celebrated chanukah at her home.

here we are ready to celebrate. (either that or this is after a few glasses of wine)

chanukah 2005 006

we ate latkes
chanukah 2005 004
(i'm not pointing fingers, but of the two of us who were there, i wasn't the one to bite a latke and put it back on the plate)

we played with fire lit the menorah
chanukah 2005 002

we played dreidle
dreidle and the pot
there may have been some initial confusion as to whether there needed to be denominations (there didn't) and so we played with goldfish, sugar free creme savers, toffee, and a potato.

we got bored really quickly of dreidling and got a knife. and some puffy paints.

and the queen potato of michigan (a jew, duh) was born
chanukah 2005 009
(i thought by letting the jewish one draw a star of david on her belly, much like a sneetch, that'd go well. we had 2 five pointed stars before we got a six pointed one, and it's a little messy. what can you do?) we had to slice a piece off of the bottom of the potato (i kept calling it de-assing the potato) that was shaped like michigan, so i did some potato brain surgery and inserted it into her head.


Rob Saturday, December 31, 2005 2:48:00 pm  

that is by far the WORST star of david i have ever seen. but the potato is otherwise nice.

small question: is lighting the menorah all at once a reform kind of thing? speed-chanukah, or whatever? just checking. :-)

Rob Saturday, December 31, 2005 2:51:00 pm  

another (deep) thought:
if you had put in the U.P. part of michigan, it could have been like a halo -- then it could have been the chrismukkah potato...

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