yarny yarn yarn (and your guts)

so, i'm thinking that i will spend a portion of my gift certificate on blue sky silk/alpaca for angelica. it's a finer gauge than the yarn the pattern calls for and requires me to do algebra, but i like algebra so that's good. i'm thinking i'll do it in spring (the color - not the time i'll knit it. i hope).

i'd like to make the following:

i'm sure there' s more, but i can't do this anymore. my brain is starting to whir with patterns and modifications i'd like to make and stuff i'd like to design...


Anonymous Monday, December 19, 2005 10:30:00 am  

Okay, I'll knit the chicken viking hat, but I have to draw the line at a knitted digestive system. And I was almost taken in by Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk at The Shivering Sheep on Saturday, even though I have nothing to make with it and it's on the pricey side. That's some fabulous yarn! We should do a knitalong for the Greek pullover. tbduba!

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