why i rule (i hope)

after letting it languish in my den for a month, i decided i did NOT want to pay someone to fix my computer.

so i went online using the borrowed computer (yaymee rules, too), and looked up how to go about fixing it myself.

i entered scary worlds of DOS screens, and god willin' that the crick don't rise, i think i fixed it. i've got to reboot and change the order of my startup disks again, but it appears to be starting with little hoopla.

so i rule (i hope).



Steve Saturday, December 17, 2005 9:41:00 pm  

Woohoo! Way to go Heatherfeather!

Monstee Saturday, December 17, 2005 10:47:00 pm  

Good for you! You do rule!

...you also post so much in one day it make it hard to comment on all you postings if one want to.

So me do it all HERE!!!!

1. Who am weirdo? Am you saying you am weirdo for eating weird thing, or am you saying "Hey weirdo! Me eat thing!" Either way me feel like me should be offended, but me not.

2. If not knitted digestive system... why not knitted reproductive system! Hehehehe...

3. You think you have nasty bathroom? Try living with hole in back of cave! Next time you need cleaning let me now and me come over and lick place clean with me tongue!

jay are Sunday, December 18, 2005 12:06:00 am  

wow. from knitting to computer repair....you're just a woman of the ages.
I hope it's a success.

Chris Cope Sunday, December 18, 2005 1:07:00 am  

The only drawback is that you've accidentally wired yourself into the CIA mainframe. Every time you hit the "enter" key, a dog is released to chase a prisoner.

heatherfeather Sunday, December 18, 2005 1:02:00 pm  

i'd like more comments on my rulingness please.

and chris - is that why the unmarked white van has been sitting out across from my house for the past 15 hours?

particleman Monday, December 19, 2005 6:00:00 pm  

wow. what took you only a few hours took me several days. i should have just fedexed my laptop to you.

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