my interests are broad and many

so, you know about me liking the following:

  • music (listening and making)
  • knitting
  • arms control/disarmament (especially biological weapons)
  • monkeys
  • reading fiction
  • movies
  • coffee

but did you know that i like sketching and photography? sadly, the REALLY good photos i've taken of people were taken pre-digital days on the trusty pentax p3 slr (i have a 50 mm lens and a 200 mm lens) , and i don' t have a scanner. so in true ghettoheather fashion i took pictures of some stuff i've done.

in art and music, what interests me are people, interactions, and their emotions. i take REALLY BORING photos of landscapes, and my sketches of non-humans are only so-so. i've done a still life or 3 i've liked (i usually LOVE doing charcoal reductions).

one of them is in my kitchen:

kitchel still life

and the other two languish in my portfolio in the storage closet in the kitchen:

still life 3 still life 2

the best portrait i've ever done was done via cheating - i drew it from a photo. but the thing i liked was that i used a new technique (to me. i'm not cool enough to actually know what it's called, but it was hard for me to do). i don't have a proper copy of it, because i gave it to rockstar matty for his birthday about 5 years ago, so here's a picture of rockstar matt holding the picture. more accurately, it's a picture of the picture of rockstar matty holding the picture that's hanging on my fridge:

rockstar matt and jeff buckley

and the best portraits i've ever done, of my hal (they're hanging in my living room:

hal piano

hal side

i love taking pictures of people, i love taking candids. in fact, i'd prefer if you not at all know i had a camera. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... but i like to capture that certain je ne sais quoi that disappears the second someone becomes self-conscious... if i can.

there's some other stuff in the set which is located here. some of it is crap. but the point is this makes me happy.

and i haven't done it in years... maybe i should.

(i'm also posting a bunch of pictures from maine and georgia to my flickr account, if you're curious... they're - more than anything - examples of how boring my landscape shots are)


jay are Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:46:00 pm  

heather!!! totally cool!!! I commission you this instant to do candid shots of my kids. I need you to do it right now so I can use the picture for christmas cards....
I think it's time you put down the knitting needles for a bit (just a little bit!) and pick up the brush (or whatever medium you use).

heatherfeather Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:48:00 pm  

charcoal and pencil.


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