i'm on row 93 of kiri, i'm thinking i'll be done around 152 or so. right now, there are 230 stitches (i don't really know - i haven't bothered to count or figure it out) or so and it's about 48" across (that's my estimate with blocking) and about 26" to the point:

kiri 93 rows 001

here's the pretty fern-y leaf-y pattern:

kiri detail
all in all, it's not that dissimilar in progress (not to mention color and fiber) to yahaira's progress on ella which she is also making for her mom.

i love knitting this...

i've used 1 skein and change of knitpicks palette (100% wool) in fog, and i'm using #6 addi naturas (i think 40"). i am fond of the addi naturas. this kiri shan't be as lacy as those made of KSH (cori w's is SO pretty) but it's for my mom and i don't think she would use something that lacy.

the question is: will i finish it in time to start and finish my sister's all-over lace faroese shawl (also in knitpicks palette - petal) before christmas? if not, i'll be able to give it to her for her birthday in mid-january.

(nuts, i appear to be about 200 yds short for the faroese shawl...)


yahaira Thursday, December 15, 2005 1:03:00 pm  

holy crap, they could be the same project!

looking great, we can do it! umm maybe wait to give your sister's present for her bday

Ivar Thursday, December 15, 2005 6:36:00 pm  

look like knitted granny-panties to can tell where my mind is!!!!

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