kyoto and ernie

kyoto and ernie
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i have decided that once i get my swift and winder for christmas (hint, hint), i'm going to frog and re-knit kyoto. i'm going to do this for several reasons.

one - as my first sweater it looks like crap when on.

two - it's all knitted in twisted knit stitches which sorta gives me a headache

three - i'm going to knit it in the style of bella (knit the top section -including the seed stitch neckband - in the round until the armscyes, with a provisional cast-on from which i'll knit the sash down) and pick up the stitches for the sleeves. this will do the following: reduce seaming to almost none thus evening out the tension and hatred i have of seaming, and give it an overall smoother look.

sniff. bye kyoto. once i (ahem) get the swift and winder.

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