i am such a chick

i want to go to nordstrom (or nordstrom rack) and buy shoes. i want cute shoes, comfy shoes, sexy shoes, warm shoes, ridiculously expensive shoes, impractical shoes.

i want to go to nordstrom (or nordstrom rack) and buy a new handbag to fit over my winter coat. i'd sell your mother for a kate spade stripeyish bag or a monsac leather bag.

my perfect handbag isn't too big, but will accomodate my wallet, janitor keys, cell phone, ipod, lotion, epipen (nuts, i need a new one of those), and have an inside pocket for chick products, and second pocket (or exterior) for chapstick, lipgloss and a pen (or 2645 - i'm a pen hoarder). but remember, it's not too big. it would be in the shape of an inverted trapeziod where the base is narrower than the mouth (whoever decided to make purse mouths narrower than their bases is my nemesis), and just long enough of a strap to fit over my shoulder and tucked under my arm when i'm wearing a winter coat and not slide off all the time.

the chances of me doing that? slim to none.


jay are Sunday, December 04, 2005 5:13:00 pm  

I have just the purse for you! No, not really, I guess because it's not Kate Spade and it's not stripeyish. It meets only some of your requirements. But the thing about getting a purse is knowing exactly all those pieces. All the parts have to work together...and I agree completely regarding purses with narrow mouths. Then you're just spending all your time rooting around. I like a purse where I can see everything when I open it. Not super deep, not one big cavernous opening so that everything is a big soupy mess....Anyway, you gotta know what you like if you're ever gonna find it. Purses. Men. Life.

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