wanted: bad elf. now accepting applications*

i like beer.

i like malty beer.

i'm not crazy about overly hoppy beer (hee hee, hoppy beer).

but a little hoppy is ok.

should anyone want to purchase some festive, warm welcome beer (nut browned ale - look at the label to get the joke) for the holidays and present them to your favorite heatherfeather, who would i be to object?

(and although i don't think i'd like it as much, i wouldn't object to some seriously bad elf, for the simple reason that it's banned in connecticut)

*okay, i don't really want bad elf, but the subjectline isn't as funny as "wanted: warm welcome."


Anonymous Sunday, December 11, 2005 5:14:00 pm  

thought i would leave a comment on an actual comment-less post.

i like malty beer too (not too "happy" with hoppy beer). i didn't know this until i went to a brewing co. & tried all kinds. i've always stayed away from the dark ales but have found that i like them the best. (though, once i tried one that seemed like i had to chew it -- maybe a little too stout!)

i'll need to try the ones that you've mentioned in your post.

also, wanted to let you know that i visted an "anthropologie" while in orange county this past week. there isn't a store in my area in northern cal. it has extremely cute stuff (cute store layout too). didn't actually buy anything but really wanted to.

lbhgyi to you during this holiday season.

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