and the only way to beat it is to bat it down

i should check the weather more frequently. because then i wouldn't be taken aback by sights like this when i let the dog out:

snow blows

see, snow is just getting in my way today. i wanted to buy the new mike doughty album, haughty melodic... instead i've just gone to his site where i can at least hear "looking at the world from the bottom of a well" until the snow melts enough to be conducive to driving so i can buy batteries for the camera and also get a caffeine fix... because i also gots the migraine going on, yo.

worried about your unborn children learning english? blogging baby tells us there's a way around that.

and i also started the cable hat again last night when i was watching magnolia. i finally decided to use the DNA double helix pattern that i adopted from the DNA scarf by june o. with true cable twists because i am ubernerd (excuse poor photoshopping, which is really "microsoft picture editing" because i don't have photoshop. however christmas is coming... ahem, but anyway, i wanted the pattern to show and the color to sorta be simulated - at least the pattern's of two is only 50% but i'm aiming low):

DNA hat corrected

in other yarn news, the bella lace is done blocking (both sides, no more raisins) so i'll attach that and see about starting the torso section...

knitting/fashion question (really interesting for those of you who could care less):

since my waist is approximately 12523 inches above where waists normally lie, and i am hippy (look at these my childbearing hips...) should i do the waist shaping as is? should i omit the shaping all together? should i shift the shaping to directly under the bustline?
i'm sorta leaning toward the latter, but i'm feeling lazy about the chart situation... granted, i could write it out, but that's not the lazy way out.

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