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yesterday was the first birthday of the baby i've been sitting on this school year. she is a miracle baby. born 13 weeks early weighing 2 lbs 10 oz, today she is a healthy little girl weighing 22 lbs.

i have found so much joy in caring for her - she's a funny little monkey who wears glasses, has a single deep dimple, and the belly laugh of an old man. this coming friday is the last day i'm sitting for her, as her parents planned to put her in day care when she turned one. while i'm sad for my own loss, i'm so grateful that she's healthy and well enough to go to day care now.

for her birthday, her mother is asking for donations for the march of dimes' walk america. if this is something you'd like to contribute to on her behalf, email me at swandive00@comcast.net and i'll give you the information for how you can do that through her site.


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