non-haunted microwave


Monstee Monday, March 20, 2006 1:53:00 am  


Non-haunted... but am it possessed?

What was first think you use it on?

heatherfeather Monday, March 20, 2006 1:58:00 am  

leftover pancit.

no pork, because i'm basically scared of buying any meat that isn't chicken or ground turkey.

although i bought a corned beef brisket for st. patrick's day.

but i haven't cooked that yet because i'm scared.

Steve Monday, March 20, 2006 10:01:00 am  

Mmmmmm, Pancit! Do you have kalamanci (I don't know how to spell in Tagalog, but i'm trusting you know what I mean)?

And more importantly, did you get help from some meddling kids and their dog?

heatherfeather Monday, March 20, 2006 11:22:00 am  

i have no kalamansi (you were close! there's no "c" in tagalog. or "z" but that isn't really relevant).

and those meddling kids have rightly stayed away.

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