click-clack knitting goes on

lady eleanor has six balls, er, skeins right now.... this is what she resembles:

i've just started my 30th of 35 tiers, and have 4 skeins remaining. i am thinking i'll make her with all 10 skeins, and after the 8th, i'll cut the pieces of fringe, and probably wind up knitting the 9th on, making her a monster shawl. however, this is assuming that i won't think that i'm sick to death of knitting her. because there's a chance that i am.

also, i've finished the knitting for rogue. i've woven in the ends on one of the sleeves, attached it and woven the rest of the ends on the body in. the second arm is blocking. this is what rogue looks like when designed for richard kimble's wife's murderer. assuming the murderer was female. or a cross-dresser.


Ashley Sunday, March 19, 2006 2:18:00 am  

lady eleanor is really pretty, I want one!!

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