in french the word for basement is "cave"

i get no light in my basement apartment (a.k.a. "tiny house"). and there's no shade in my backyard and denver has 300+ days of sunshine a year, so i get hard core sunlight.

so i have difficulty taking pictures that do justice to yarn colors.

but i was at the laundromat today, and took a picture of my lady eleanor in progress because i could finally see the colors. however, i took it with my cell phone, so it's not the *best* picture ever, but it's better than most. and you can see that i do wash clothes on occasion, too.


in actuality, the green is a bit more acidic, the bright purple less forthcoming, and the peacock is beeyotiful. but it's still pretty close...

i love this colorway (noro silk garden 206) - the bright colors interacting with each other and popping up periodically. because i love me some bright colors.

this is my first self-striping yarn and i totally get the excitement of not knowing what it will look like when you're looking at the balls skeins. i'm getting really excited at every red section, and annoyed with the navy sections.

i love me the entrelac because it's stockinette that's less boring, and it taught me to knit and purl left to right, english style.

in the world of rogue, the body and one sleeve are finished, but i haven't been in the mood to cast on the second sleeve. i have me a case of second sock sleeve syndrome...

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