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[19:24:44] haiku-girl: hello?
[19:26:04] heatherfeather: i have amaaaaaazing timing
[19:26:11] haiku-girl: you do?
[19:26:17] heatherfeather: i just walked up to the computer 1.5 minutes after you im'd me
[19:26:20] heatherfeather: woohoo!
[19:26:54] haiku-girl: you are amazing!
[19:27:12] heatherfeather: i am a miracle
[19:27:19] haiku-girl: like the baby jesus
[19:28:22] heatherfeather: whoa
[19:28:24] heatherfeather: that's crazy
[19:28:42] haiku-girl: what is?
[19:28:47] haiku-girl: that you are like the baby jesus?
[19:28:54] heatherfeather: that i'm like jesus in baby-size
[19:29:08] haiku-girl: that was jesus' best size
[19:29:15] heatherfeather: most portable

other than the fact that i'm going to hell, it was quite funny.


Erik Thursday, March 23, 2006 2:56:00 am  

that's frickin' funny. :)

Monstee Thursday, March 23, 2006 4:22:00 am  

It am sad that laughing at funny stuff am sin.

Me knew girl in high school who always went around telling people they was going to hell for what they was doing. "You're going to Hell for laughing at that," "You're going to Hell for doing that," "You're going to Hell for enjoying that." It might have been funny if she was not so serious.

One day when me was telling really good guy dies and goes to see God joke, she tell me that me am going to hell for that. Me tell her to judge not least she be judged. She say "Oh shit" and we all laugh figuring that it had been her joking all along but her delivery am just the deadpan serious kind.

Six months later she was pregnant from having premarital sex. Her and her boyfriend tried to rob gas station and shot the worker there and hid for three days in the basement of a church. They was to scared to go upstairs so they just relieved themselves in the corner of the basement of the church and drank a gallon of holy water. They got caught and went to separate prisons. When baby was born, her parents got to raise it.

Year later me see her at mall with her little girl. Me want to give her hard time so me ask her what she been up to since high school. She say she got into little bit of trouble. Me tell her she was going to go the Hell for that. She laughed her ass off!

Religious people are weird!

Monstee Thursday, March 23, 2006 4:28:00 am  


Like baby Jesus,
Me worship you from afar.
Haiku-girl am right!

markis Thursday, March 23, 2006 4:42:00 pm  

you probably better not read my post today;) i'll just tell you about it in hell.

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