what i can't stop listenining to...

i am running a little late, so you can do your own googling for more information:

  • "engine" by neutral milk hotel
  • "older chests" by damien rice
  • the entirety of boys, flowers, miles by antje duvekot
  • "jewel box" by jeff buckley
  • appalachian journey by edgar meyer, yo-yo ma, and... (someone) o'connor. i really should know the last guy's name.
  • "nothing better" by the postal service
  • "waltz #2" by elliott smith
  • "i love, i love (traveling ii)" by dar williams
  • "where you'll find me now" by neutral milk hotel
  • "song against sex" by neutral milk hotel


jay are Friday, October 28, 2005 12:43:00 am  

the coolest names of these singers/groups. I've only heard of two of them (Dar Williams YEAH), but now my interest is piqued....Google, here I come.

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