the genetics of yarn

once upon a time, heatherfeather bought some brown sheep lamb's pride worsted in bright brite blue, silver sliver, and old sage. she made a mental note to write a letter to lamb's pride about their yarn naming, but that's a different post.

with the bright brite blue, she made a kittyheaded hat for her friend (or her friend's cat):

1.5 cat heads

with the silver sliver and old sage, she made a clever hat with racing stripes, enabling the wearer to Go Real Fast:

2005.08.26 031

deciding that fall was the season for reproducing yarn, she decided to see what would happen if she left two or more of the skeins alone in a room with romantic music. while well-intentioned, and enabling her to attempt fair isle knitting, it came out freakishly tiny:

fair isle hat

to see the guts of the fair isle, go here.

thinking that there was to be more, she wondered what would happen if she took the standard beanie yarn and left it alone with the kittyhead yarn. the romantic music played, and this time a bottle of wine* was thrown into the mix to create the right ambience.

and lo! i say unto you, the stripey kittyhead hat was born.


*don't drink and knit. BAD IDEA. BAD BAD BAD.

however, the new hat also makes the wearer a scaredycat and speak in the third person. and the wearer of the striped beanie reports glowing red eyes when worn.



Anonymous Wednesday, October 05, 2005 8:33:00 am  

and the regular, unstriped kittyheaded hat makes you do mean, mean things to your cat. nice hats, btw.

Pippin + Pearl Saturday, October 08, 2005 6:33:00 pm  

i love love love this hat. :) You are so talented...

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