i hate that i have no computer. i check my email compulsively. i have to write 5 papers in the next two weeks, take an online final, as well as to an online job application exam in the next 2 weeks.

the online application actually has to be by tuesday. and i have to register for classes on monday.

cherzie, i may take you up on the apple situation.... i'll shoot you an email. oh, wait...


in happier news, i got my new phone and it's fun but if my text messages are garbled, it's because the space key and delete keys are in different places. however, my phone is the best way to find me these days.

and no, i'm not posting my phone number.



jay are Saturday, October 29, 2005 10:01:00 pm  

congrats on the new phone. new stuff is just FUN. hopefully the next new thing you get is a computer!! Good luck!

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