weekend update

friday: poker night was insanely fun. the people playing poker weren't having much fun (at least to my untrained eye), but MAN were yaymee, crazy mara and i having a blast when we were playing war. so much fun, in fact, i nearly fell out of my chair backwards. luckily, only they (plus one other person) out of like 40 saw that part. then the trivial pursuit deathmatch was established, albeit not scheduled. and, oh boy, will i ever win. then we went to the stadium inn which is crowded, sorta seedy, but you can throw rocks at andrew*'s house from there.

saturday: wanted to go batting, get a pedicure, neither of which happened (sad and sad). i wrote up my brief on the marburg virus, went to croc's saturday night with fritzie, pei lo mein, timmy, and jersey matt, but was very sleepy from previous night's revelries.

sunday: woke up around 8:45 slightly disconcerted. tried to figure out why, realized it was because i heard dripping. and it was sunny, so it wasn't the rain. explored, saw nothing, fell asleep for 30 more minutes, and heard definitive water running sounds. got up again, put on glasses this time, and saw that there was a leak coming from the people upstairs (who are being evicted, btw) into my kitchen sink. leaks have plagued me since august in this apartment. so i went upstairs and knocked on their front door. nothing. so i knocked on their back door, still nothing. so i called the landlord, and he came over, and walked into the apartment upstairs to get shouted at by the tenants who had decided not to answer their door. turns out that THEIR TOILET FLOODED INTO MY KITCHEN ON THE THINGS I USE FOR EATING FOOD. (yeah, there's some dish washing with bleach in my future) cleaned that mostly up, realized i needed to shower and beautify for the ballet. yes, in my class, "outbreak of war" we had to go see the colorado ballet's production of hunchback of notre dame. which was just awful. i may be spoiled, having lived in close proximity to LA, having lived in boston, having seen the new york city ballet (an odd mixture of a classical piece, another that made no impression on me whatsoever, and a piece about lizzie borden). but this was the first time i've seen a ballet that didn't have an orchestra, but rather danced to a recording of the music. and the music was not so good... it could not have been more schizophrenic if it tried. it had baroque parts, classical parts, impressionistic parts, romantic parts, and some random elizabethan inspired dance pieces. the costumes were also really anachronistic: renaissance nobility next to 19th century french peasants. and the company? pretty bad. the principals were mostly really good (sharon wehner as esmerelda in particular was wonderful) and i left after the second act because i was annoyed. and remember, this ballet was to go along with the class OUTBREAK OF WAR. if there's a genuine connection between the two i'll let you know. anyhow, i went to lodo's to drop something off with crazy mara, went home to change my clothes, and went to the library to finish the last 500 pages of my book i have to write a report on for wednesday, realized i would get nothing done because i was falling asleep in the library, went to target, and bought clothes, went home, knitted 2" of the back of kyoto, then went to sleep.

*a superhero name for andrew isn't presenting itself to me immediately. i'll work on it.


particleman Monday, April 18, 2005 8:54:00 pm  

yeah, believe it or not, i was actually there to watch you fall backwards, but i didn't say anything out of kindness. (aren't i nice?)

omg, i'm so sorry about your upstairs neighbors. that totally sucks. the girl next door had a similar problem with her upstairs neighbor, except for that the neighbor was mentally unstable, started to fill her bathtub, forgot about it, and allowed it to leak into the girlnextdoor's bathroom, thus ripping apart part of her ceiling and wall.

heatherfeather Tuesday, April 19, 2005 10:37:00 am  

thanks for not pointing and laughing. and i totally bought you a bottle of crown (still in the velvet bag), but since you were hiding and dealing i gave it away. sorry. next time you'll let me know, and you'll get your whiskey.

thanks. the first time i had a leak i got new furniture. the very first time i've ever owned a new sofa! yay! and an easy chair! and that's how i got the iPod, too.

i have mentally unstable neighbors. seriously. ask me about it some other time.

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