Backaches and leaks.

So there's the chance that there's a direct correlation between my pissy mood of the past few days, my current backache, and the inspiration to make superchocolatey brownies 2 nights ago.

Anyhow, this morning, I had to let the Ernieman out at around 4, which was surprisingly okay because we had slept for quite a long time preceding that (excluding the 1 am incident where I had to close my bedroom door to stop the barking out the living room window with no perceivable purpose). Then, when I woke up for real at 5, I walked to the bathroom to hop in the shower, and in the living room, almost in the doorway to the kitchen, I stepped in something wet. My first thought that while creature was barking at one, he decided to pee in the living room. Hence, I was annoyed as I cleaned up the puddle. But I got over it, and had one of those annoying episodes where you try-on-about-49-different-outfits-and-the-one-you-were-wearing-when-you-absolutely-couldn't-try-on-clothes-any-longer-because-that's-not-an-acceptable-excuse-for-being-late-to-work. Then I grabbed my cardigan that was tossed over the back of the sofa (and don't bother, my mother has told me for eons that the sofa isn't a closet), and putting it on discovered it was wet, too. As was the sofa. And my nice, name-brand bag (but at least it's water repellent). So, looking up, I realized, lo! The ceiling's leaking. And I looked at the ceiling over the spot wherein I stepped in a pubble at 5. It's leaking there too. But since I live in a basement apartment, the leaks are in the middle of the house, I find it highly unlikely that the kick-ass thunderstorm we had the night before was the culprit... unless the house over me (which is currently vacant) had a leak in the ceiling that accumulated so much water that it seeped through the floor and into my ceiling. Either way, it's bad, it's a pain, and I'm not loking forward to returning home because I doubt that the pots that I approximately placed under the leaks (which were linear and long) caught it all. Oy, vey.


Anonymous Thursday, August 12, 2004 2:26:00 pm  

hey woman!
it's jayanne.
just seein how my little austin powers woman is doin.
xoxo beb. be good. :)

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